Independent Quality of Service Testing & Monitoring

The quality of service provided by postal suppliers is a critical element of every campaign.  Most major users of mail services have established a service level agreement (SLA) with their suppliers.  Achievement of SLA is often a minimum expectation.  Failure to achieve SLA can have a severe impact on clients - campaigns under-achieving, unexpected peaks in call centre activity and costly re-work. 

Independently monitoring quality of service is vital.

PostalAudits provides a robust and highly professional performance monitoring service ("PostalMetrics" TM) for both external and internal mail streams.

The service incorporates RFID technology and a vast UK-wide panelist network that can be flexed to match the geographical "fall to earth" of any campaign. Our research tests are client-specifc and campaign-specific but our clients also benefit from access to our aggregated quarterly "omnibus" report that sets a benchmark across all tests carried out in the preceding period.

  • Genuinely independent
  • Statistically robust
  • Packs and audience matched to client campaigns
  • Incorporates RFID technology
  • Incorporates GPS technology
  • All suppliers and mixes of suppliers
  • All services
  • Professional
  • Timely reporting
  • Accurate analysis
  • Trouble shooting
  • Realistic - genuine results
  • Cost effective

Our industry clients include major postal authorities and mailers with a commitment to improving the quality of internal processes through accurate and timely monitoring.

For more information on our range of PostalMetrics quality monitoring services contact: