Corporate Social Responsibility

PostalAudits has a well defined CSR policy.  It is actively involved in charitable activities that benefit both the community and the postal industry.  Every day, delivery personnel from the postal industry visit over 20 million addresses throughout the UK.   They create a unique bond between the postal industry and the communities that it serves.  As a responsible organisation working within the industry, PostalAudits has become increasingly aware of the hazards faced by delivery personnel in the course of their duties - in particular, the high level of dog attacks.  Every day, there are around 12 dog attacks on delivery personnel throughout the UK.

For this reason, PostalAudits is particularly proud to be sponsors of The RSPCA.

In 2011 PostalAudits  funded the creation of a full time animal behaviourist role within The RSPCA  organisation.  This role will work with both dog rescue centres and new owners of resued dogs to advocate responsible dog ownership - particularly where animals have been re-homed.

This action, along with other core RSPCA work will help to reduce the level of dog attacks on delivery personnel working in the postal industry. 

PostalAudits in the Local Community

PostalAudits is proud to support the local community. This year it has once again helped deliver one of Buckinghamshire's best summer events - Buryfields.  Managing Director Derek Fairhurst said "PostalAudits is proud to sponsor this terrific event"

Derek Fairhurst