End to End Quality of Service Measurement 

PostalAudits provides independent performance measurement systems - "PostalMetrics"- for both Downstream Access and Royal Mail services.  Our unique methodology ensures that measurements are statistically robust and that they reflect all aspects of our clients mailing activities.  Our measurement systems can provide truly independent insight into:

Downstream Access Provider Elements

Royal Mail Final Mile Elements

Total End to End Journey

Where appropriate we use high tech RFID (radio frequency device) and GPS (global positioning technology) to provide insight and we back up all customer reports with robust analysis of the results.  This approach has proved very useful to many of our clients whose interests are aligned to continuous improvement of postal services as opposed to measurement only. 

Our measurement systems are specifcally designed to measure YOUR mail and assess how your services are performing against our omnibus quality of service report.

Our quality of service measurement systems cover:

  • Pre-sorted bulk mail
  • Unsorted mail
  • Packets
  • Courier
  • Pouch services

Our methodology ensures that we measure ONLY the performance of the postal service providers and eliminates production and mailing house processes.

Derek Fairhurst